When you’ve got excess land to use, an extension can be a great option. It’s the ideal way to ‘build out’ on your house by adding additional outdoor or indoor living space, without altering the street appearance.

Many clients choose to live in their homes whilst the construction work of an extension is taking place. Our attentive team are on hand to minimise mess, dust and intrusion of personal space when having a building site in your backyard, while maximising your personal safety.


We are experts in renovating older properties; creating an ambient new space in your existing dwelling. Finding the right mix of adding modern features to your existing home without deviating from its style can be a challenge. 

However, our team of registered builders and trusted network of subcontractors can help you achieve that balance – making sure the end result is a home with the look and feel that you’ve always desired.

Architectural Builds

No home is a carbon copy of another – every dwelling is totally unique. Each has a unique owner, at a specific life stage, with individual household arrangements. Each is built on a unique site with its own orientation and natural assets.

We’re on hand to work closely with trusted architects to deliver truly stunning properties throughout Melbourne. 

New Homes

Building a new home from scratch is a big step, and it can seem daunting at first. Thankfully, we’re experienced with all aspects of new home builds. Whether it’s on a new plot or a knock-down and re-build; we’re here to guide you through every step:

From diligently uncovering the relevant information from regulatory bodies to work out what you can and cannot do with your site, to commencing construction on an agreed date, and establishing a specific completion date.

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